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Keeping up to date about Corvid 19

Over the last several months you have undoubtedly heard about Covid19 in China and around the world. Nothing is more important to us than the physical and mental health and safety of the students in the Weiming U.S. exchange program. Our international student coordinators (ISCs) have followed up with each of our students to make sure they are alright and aware of the symptoms. As of right now, none of our students have shown any symptoms or signs of having been infected with the virus.
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Weiming Education

Founded in 1999, the Weiming Education Group (WEG) is the largest and leading private institution in China, providing K-12 education with its innovative curriculum, highly qualified teacher, service-oriented culture, and global reach.
WEG's roots can be traced back to the Affiliated High School of Peking University, one of the best education institutes in China. Its vision is to lead Chinese K-12 education by continuously exploring new ideas, innovatively experimenting with new methods, and leveraging the high-quality education resources of both domestic and international institutions.
WEG’s K-12 education includes pre-school, elementary, secondary and high school programs, as well as an international study program for junior/senior high school students including extra-curricular activities. Both the international study and extra-curricular programs include collaboration with high schools, colleges and universities in the US. WEG now operates twenty-two kindergartens and twelve schools offering grades 1-12. There are in total about 30,000 students and 3,500 teachers across many major cities in China.
Weiming Michigan Education, is a subsidiary company, and was established in the Midwest of the United States to provide essential management services for the US Operations.
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