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China Tour 2020 » China Study Tour 2020

China Study Tour 2020

China Study Tour 2020 is a year-long learning and travel program for high school students that includes a series of academic workshops culminating in a week long tour through China and an optional capstone research project.
Join us as we explore key sociocultural and economic drivers of China and the U.S together!
Leading up to the trip, students will have the opportunity to attend monthly lectures and seminars, led by experienced educators and speakers. During each meeting, we will spend time discussing the driving questions that will shape our experience in China next Spring. 
Key drivers we will explore together: 
  • Food
  • Mobility
  • Economy
  • Environment 
  • Community
In addition to these 90 minute sessions, students will be encouraged to present brief reflective papers at each following meeting, creating a profile of critical thought that could become perfect ground work for further research later on. 
The highlight of this program undoubtedly lies in the week long tour of China's major cities and surrounding countryside.




Trip Highlights:



  • Visit Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors
  • Explore the Chinese countryside and its way of life
  • Experience  the diverse variety of Chinese cuisine
  • Learn about China’s environment, economy, and transit system
  • Gain a new global perspective on your life and future
View full travel itinerary below: 
At the conclusion of the academic workshop series, students will be asked to merge their separate assignments into one capstone project that may be presented as an expectation for their coming trip. This will lay the foundation for critical reflection to continue as they travel from city to city in China and interact as a visitor there. 
After the tour, students have the option of finalizing their dissertation style project with added realizations drawn from their tangible experience overseas. Students may submit this for "grading," and if their paper exhibits satisfactory compilation of thought and analysis of the key drivers explored, a certificate of completion will be issued for the Study Tour Program. 
This portfolio of written analysis and college level reflection will equip students with the skills needed to excel both during the remainder of their high school career and forward into their post-secondary education. Excerpts from the portfolio students create could also be submitted with college applications as well. 
Volunteer & Hands on Activities
Students will also have multiple opportunities to engage positively during our trip, including a full day of volunteering at a country school outside of Yangshuo. Students will work directly with students in the country school, giving them first hand experience with the education system in China, and may also be able to lend a hand improving the campus environment. They will also be able to peer into the work being done for the blind and mentally challenged, actively discuss urban development across China and try their hand at cooking a traditional Chinese meal.
These opportunities for hands-on engagement and reflection is what separates our tour from others targeted at high school students. We hope you will enjoy the variety presented in our China Study Tour!


For more information or to sign up, please contact us at info@weimingusa.com

Workshops begin in May, 2019

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Students will prepare to visit China in April 2020. 
Volunteer opportunities are being arranged now. Don't miss out on this incredible experience!
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