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Host a Student!

Host and Exchange Student!

Hosting a Chinese student can be a rewarding experience.  It is an opportunity to share American culture and beliefs, to learn about Chinese culture and to help your own children gain an international perspective.  Many host families develop long lasting bonds with their exchange students and keep in touch long after the program has ended, opening possibilities no one would have imagined. 


Weiming students study for two to three years in Weiming schools in China before coming to the United States to attend, and ultimately graduate from, an American high school.  Host families play an important role by providing a stable nurturing home, a cultural background to what goes on in school, support for students adjusting to life in a strange country, and by providing for room, board and some transportation needs (including transportation to and from school and airport pick-ups and drop-offs).  Students are expected to follow the host family’s rules and in turn should be treated as a member of the family, more like your own child than a guest. 


Taking the time and effort to get to know and develop a relationship with your exchange student is often the most rewarding part of hosting, but it can also be challenging.  As teenagers studying abroad, Weiming students are going through all the awkwardness of adolescence thousands of miles from home in a foreign language and a foreign cultural context.  This combination of factors can be confusing at times.  As a host parent, should you find yourself in need of advice, support or external help, your student’s Weiming International Student Coordinator (ISC) is a good person to turn to.  Weiming’s bilingual ISCs work closely with students, parents, host families and schools on a wide range of issues including students physical, emotional and academic well-being.  Over the course of the year ISCs get to know the students very well and they can be a great asset in resolving any issues that come up.  In addition to ISCs Weiming Michigan Education also has a responsive staff in Troy Michigan that can provide support as necessary. 


A few additional things to note:

  • Host families receive a stipend to offset some of their expenses.
  • For their own safety students are not allowed to drive while in the Weiming program, but bikes, school buses and public transportation, where it exists, are all perfectly acceptable means of transportation.
  • Students will have health insurance when they arrive and are responsible for any medical costs.


Application Process:

  1. Fill out the preliminary application form and email it to nweingartz@weimingusa.com
  2. Complete the full application & background check.
  3. Sign a Contract
  4. Attend a host family orientation in your local community and prepare to meet your exchange student!
You can get started with the preliminary application here: